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Free colourful wallpapers for phone, tablet and desktop

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Free colourful wallpapers for phone, tablet and desktop

Want to add some colourful Good Vibe wallpapers to your phone, tablet or desktop?

Wow how can it be May already!? It feels a little crazy as April felt sooo long and slow, but yet it has flown past and feels a bit of a blur. Is it week six of seven in the UK lockdown? I am not sure!

Our lockdown experience is definitely a mixed one, there are days where as a little family of three running this business we feel like we are on top it and dare I say it enjoying some of the aspects lockdown brings. Then there are the other days where it’s really tough, missing family, stresses with business and the fear of the future. One thing is for sure it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

When we launched the blog at the beginning of lockdown the aim is for it to be a cheery place providing a little bit of fun and colour. Each month I will be designing joyful wallpapers for your phone, desktop and tablet. This month it’s all about sending you some GOOD VIBES!

Free daisy HD pattern tablet wallpaper | Raspberry Blossom

I have designed three desktop wallpapers, two tablet wallpapers and six phone wallpapers that you can download for FREE. The designs are based on our award winning ‘Good Vibes’ greeting card collection, which you can find in our shop here.

Colourful dotty HD free phone wallpaper | Raspberry Blossom

Simply scroll down and download them via clicking the link under the images. We’d love to see them in action too! Tag your photos including our @loveraspberryblossom handle on Facebook or Instagram.

I hope they brighten up your day :-)

Rebecca x

May Daisy Calendar Free HD desktop wallpaper download | Raspberry Blossom

May Daisy Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

Daisy gingham HD free desktop wallpaper download | Raspberry Blossom

Daisy and colourful Check Desktop Wallpaper

Colourful Rainbow Free HD Desktop wallpaper download | Raspberry Blossom

Colourful Rainbow Desktop Wallpaper

Single daisy free HD tablet wallpaper download | Raspberry Blossom

Single Daisy Tablet Wallpaper

Pink daisy pattern free HD tablet wallpaper download | Raspberry Blossom

Daisy Pattern Tablet Wallpaper

Three colourful free HD phone wallpaper downloads - rainblow pattern, dotty pattern and flower power rainbow and daisies | Raspberry Blossom

Rainbow Phone Wallpaper

Dotty Phone Wallpaper

Flower Power Daisy and Rainbow Phone Wallpaper

Three HD phone wallpapers free download - hearts, check and daisy pattern | Raspberry Blossom

Hearts Pattern Phone Wallpaper

Check Pattern Phone Wallpaper

Pink Daisy Pattern Phone Wallpaper


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